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9:00am - 4:30pm
10:00am - 4:00pm
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$10.00 - Ages 15 & UP
$3.00 - Ages 3 - 14

We offer group rates upon
request AAA and Military

Experience the history of the first Country Music superstar and see how Hank Williams transformed country music and sowed the seeds of what was to become American Music, Blues, Rockabilly and even Rock and Roll.

Six decades after his death, Hank Williams is one of the most powerful iconic figures in American Music.

Fans come by the thousands each year to his grave site and the Museum that honors him.

Hank was taught by a black street musician to play the blues.
"Tee Tot" as he was known is also buried here in Montgomery.

People from all walks of life who had been influenced by Hank's music packed the
Montgomery City Auditorium to bid farewell on January 4, 1953.

There is hardly a person that has listened to Hank's songs that doesn't feel the magic of his words.

Songwriting Workshop #4 October 26-29, 2017 at the Hank Williams Museum, Montgomery, AL. We're so excited about the workshop! I hope you are feeling happy and ready to experience a life-enriching event.

We are eager to have Steve Dean as our Coach of the workshop. It's exciting to have such an accomplished artist on board. In addition, we welcome back for the 4th time, Bobby Tomberlin, 3rd time, Arty Hill and 2nd time Mark Narmore and Aaron Bowlin. They will offer ways to enhance, rethink and improve your skills.

This is a 4-day workshop beginning on Thursday afternoon, Oct 26.

4-5 pm Check in. You will be given a goodie bag with notebook and pencils and your badge.

5-6 pm Orientation, Meet and greet, Q&A time.

6-8 pm Group introductions and story sharing in the round.

Friday -Classes all day

Saturday-Classes all day

Saturday night acoustic concert headlined by Steve Dean, Bobby Tomberlin, Mark Narmore and Arty Hill. Please invite your family and friends to this show.

Students are free but other tickets sell for $20 each.

We will have one on one song critiquing with the coaches throughout the 4 days.

We will provide breakfast for you on Fri, Sat and Sun mornings.

Classes are for all ages and all levels-in a fun and relaxing environment. We still have a few slots open.

Bring instruments-whatever you play-and whatever songs you want to work on.

All accommodations are just steps away from beautiful Historic Downtown Montgomery!

Sunday is a good-bye time and sharing your thoughts about the workshop.

Let me know if you have questions. We are here to help and make this southern music experience one to remember. Relaxing and worry free.

Sign up now to reserve your spot. Call us at 334-262-3600. The fee is $350 per person.

David Ball Concert at the Hank Williams Museum

When: February 23, 2018

$25.00 each ticket. Please send a check made payable to Hank Williams Museum. 118 Commerce St., Montgomery, AL 36104. No Credit Card for this event.

Time 7:30 PM

Welcome to the Hank Williams Museum!

Hank Williams

We are a favorite destination for fans of the most famous country singer in history. Hank is a treasure to the City of Montgomery and the State of Alabama, and we are paying tribute to the life and accomplishments of this magnificent legend whose names survives in a way that is unique in the history of music. Come and visit the place where the man who left his mark on the Musical world, will inevitably leave his mark on you.

In our 6000 sq ft Museum, we house Hank's 1952 Baby Blue Cadillac in which he made his final journey, along with suits, boots, hats, ties, awards, furniture, horse saddle, portraits, records, albums and more. As you to through the Museum, you will see that all the items are authentic. We are very proud of that!

It's amazing after so many years that there are still things to be said...songs to be sung. Year by year since Hank's death in 1953, the real impact his songs made on American Music becomes more evident. His life-long fans continue and new admirers are added with each generation.

Hank Williams crowded a lot of living into twenty-nine years. It is difficult to understand how a man who possessed such a natural gift could produce this abundance of musical wealth in a few short years with a total disregard for proper rest, relaxation, or moderation, even to the extent of his untimely death.

It is safe to say, perhaps Hank Williams said all he had to say.

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